Objective: Help participants to reach their goals and dreams, simply by setting the right goal statements in a chosen specific time frame and learning the techniques of human social networking that will help them expand their potential.

Target audience: All people that are seriously engaged in setting, either their personal goals or their team’s goals and want to learn how they can use their networks, in order to succeed faster and easier.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Why do we set goals?
  • What is the appropriate strategy/ies in the process of achieving our goals?
  • “OK-ness” Theory – E. Berne
  • Appropriately structured goal statements
  • What happens if we don’t succeed?
  • Reasons for not achieving our goals
  • Who are the enemies of success?
  • Who are the allies of success?
  • Task prioritazation
  • Which are the goals characteristics
  • Advice for goal achievement
  • The role of human social networking in achieving our goals
  • Results evaluation
  • The role of human social networking in goal achievement
  • Why should we use human social networking?
  • What are the types of social networking?
  • Goal setting and social networking?
  • Professional dress code
  • Creativity in social networking
  • How to I make the first move
  • How to build self brand
  • How to apply effective listening skills
  • How to communicate effectively in social networking
  • Body language
  • Networking and Social Media (Online Word of Mouth)
  • How to achieve the best approach towards the people I am interested networking with
  • Tips for successful conversations
  • How do I know it worked
  • Ways to ask for help without being obtrusive
  • Useful tricks for successful networking

Duration: 8 hours