star Unrealistic expectations harden our way towards the completion of our goal.
star If you feel hurt and sad at the moment, try to see the situation that you are experiencing, from above and ask yourself what lesson you learned through this process.
star If something seems really hard for you to tackle, believe in your abilities and speak to yourself, with loud and firm voice reassuring him/her that it is easy and attainable.
star Our thoughts and words determine our lives. If every morning, when we wake up, we feel happy and gratitude for living and we say that loud, our life will be happy and joyful.
star Learn to forgive people who have hurt you. Forgiveness helps us move forward in life while persisting in discussing and remembering the hard parts over and over again, it can only make us feel bitter and sick.
star Nobody can hurt you if you do not allow it.
star Envy and jealousy fill your life with negative energy, which ultimately returns to you. Prevent these feelings that harm the harmony of your body and mind.
star If you think and act in a positive way opportunities knock on your door.
star Do not let others control your thoughts and actions. It's the only thing you can control by yourself.
star Every obstacle we face in life can be interpreted as a sign for us to understand better the broad picture and see things from a different angle.
star Reach your goals with absolute focus and concentration daily and systematically.
star Always trust your intuition and your heart.
star Be grateful for what you have and not miserable for what you do not have.
star Practice smiling with your heart, and then smiling with your face.
star We are all choices we made in the past.
star Excessive fear leads almost always to do what you do not want rather than what you want.
star The charismatic person draws on him/her the real opportunities of life.
star Positive thinking and pure heart are our best advisers of the choices we make now and in the future.
star Self awareness is the most important step towards the achievement of our goals.
star If you don't love yourself, nobody will love you as much as you could ever be loved.
star The important thing is not to be perfect or better than others. The important thing is to always do the best we can! Be the Best of Yourself!

·       If you think and act in a positive way opportunities knock on your door.

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