20+12 Resolutions for a wonderful life!



Every time on New Years' Eve we come to the point where resolutions become part of our thinking more than ever! We are determined to change things and situations that alienate us from our main goals and we promise ourselves that the New Year will bring new experiences and people in our life. 2012 is on the verge of making its grant entrance and new resolutions come to our minds ... Below you can adopt 20+12 New Year's Resolutions that we choose to have them completed by the end of 2012:  


1. I choose to be kind to others.

2. I choose to be kind to myself.

3. I choose to experience and express love.

4. I choose to be grateful.

5. I choose to appreciate my family.

6. I choose to help others.

7. Ι choose to be fit.

8. I choose to love and accept others for who they really are.

9. I choose to be 20% more productive than usual.

10. I choose to live in a way I can feel great about.

11. I choose to invite learning into my life.

12. I choose to find great people in my life.

13. I choose to trust the intelligence of my body.

14. I choose to focus on what matters.

15. I choose to live with purpose.

16. I choose to easily stay on the flow.

17. I choose to see beyond the veil.

18. I choose to be happy.

19. Ι choose to focus on things that will help me reach my goals.

20. I choose to focus on what is right not what is wrong.

21. I choose to communicate without judgment.

22. I choose to speak up for my needs.

23. I choose to trust my intuition.

24. I choose to stay calm no matter what circumstances I encounter.

25. I choose to see what is wonderful to others.

26. I choose to be immune to the negative opinion of others.

27. I choose to communicate honestly.

28. I choose to live fearlessly.

29. I choose to treat myself as well as I treat others.

30. I choose to love myself.

31. I choose to be my own best friend.

32. I choose my motto to be: "Be the Best of Myself"!

So, will you join us?

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