Lack of concentration or Lack of challenges?
Lack_Concentration110133Being and educational consultant, I have listened many times mothers to be really worried with their children because it is impossible for them to keep themselves concentrated during lessons. They are also worried because the teacher in the kindergarten or in the early grades of junior school has informed them that little George doesn't pay any attention, as the teacher is reading a fairytale while the teacher warns them that this behavior is going to create many problems to little George to the upcoming classes. At the same time, mother assured the teacher that her little son can spend hours being totally focused on his new car trying to discover any gadget on it. Then the mother returns back home being troubled and persuades herself and little George that he has problems in school filling him with remorse that he fails, not only to handle, but even to understand them. MISTAKE!

Little George doesn't face any concentration problem. George has suffered from lack of interests and motives. He has been getting bored listening the same things or similar things at least for two years- taking under consideration that most of the children have attended nursing schools as well. George asks for new challenges that we MUST offer them to him in order to gain back and maintain his interest. This is the solution.

Simple Tips

1. Make the lesson seem exciting by using examples of his interest.

2. Point out the new material and review the old one faster.

3. Try linking theory to practice by creating tangible pictures.

4. If you realize that your child starts daydreaming or getting bored however, you still have some homework let him/her having a break. Meanwhile, you should find new impetus to stimulate them.

5. A joke or an example includes names and faces from his friendly environment; it will attract for sure his/her attention.

6. Share with your child all the information and the knowledge for things that may seem to you too complicated for him/her and create new stimulus.

The means that are going to be used, in order to, gain back your child's interest is simple. Having in mind that the more time we spend with them, the more means we can find out. Taking always for granted that instead of burdening our children with humiliating characterizations that lower his or her self-confidence it is better to do the exact opposite and, the next time that a teacher claims something similar instead of accusing our child, we should discuss with her the other side of the point. Last but not least, we should never forget that it is not a threat for kids to look for new stimulus and ask for new challenges and new invention, on the contrary, this is the motivating power for their development and progress.

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