How to communicate with colors
Color_communication_101133Spring is the season of refreshment; it is the season of changes, the season of colours. However, what do the colours symbolize and what are their roles in our lives? Colours play an important and crucial role in our daily life because they constantly exist in our surrounding by indentifying it. Colours are related to our emotions, feelings and our personality yet at the same time they create emotional situations themselves. The secret is to find the perfect colour or the perfect combination of colours, in order for you to create the impression and the feelings that you want in any certain situation for achieving the best potential results at any given time.

So let's see the basic colours and their attributes:

Red: It is assumed as a lucky colour which brings luck and good fortune thus it is related to luck, to happiness to prosperity and to power. In Eastern tradition, small pieces of red colour material are used to being given to small children for luck. Red helps you to reinforce the dynamic side of your personality to create positive emotion but simultaneously very tentative to your environment. It gives you self-confidence and attracts the interest of your surroundings impose you in the centre of attention. A red wall behind your desk in your office reinforces your self-confidence and your willingness of success.  

Green: Green is related to refreshment and calmness. It is also the colour of spring and the song of new born life. For that reason, it is chosen when you feel that a situation is blogged and you want to give it a push or when you want just to give a mark of refreshment to your milieu. Moreover, green is helping you to take fast decisions thus it is said that a green coffee mug at your office is a good choice for adding a push to puzzling decisions.

Black: Black is the colour of sadness and fear and concurrently the colour of social status. It is a colour that creates general negatives and at the same time very severe emotions. Although it is the most common in use colour since it is consider as an easy and safe colour, it is better to be used either in combination with another colour or in different more fair hue. Nevertheless, black creates to your surrounding a feeling of gravity and severity and gives the feeling of distance and distinction due to your own status.

Blue: Blue is the colour of calmness and self –esteem. Blue is the colour of what we say "calm power". The choice of blue as a colour states people who know very well what they want and have the means and the way to achieve that by inspiring themselves and the same time their environment. Thus, most business suits and clothes are in blue colours. It may be one of the best colours because it combines the feelings of power and calmness and it creates the felling of security, respect and inspiration. .

Yellow: Yellow is the emperor colour in China. It is linked to success, power and the willingness of publicity. Also in darker hue is associated with the earth and the fertility.

White: The colour of autumn and a sign of older age which is translated as maturity, quietness, serenity, and wisdom. White also produces reflection by attracting indirectly the attention of the surrounding. It gives effective contrast with darker colours offering the feeling of clearness and wisdom. It is a neutral colour which expresses though the detachment of emotion.

You should simply remember that when you choose intensive, bright and clear colours you want to communicate that you are in a good mood and that you have a luminous personality and that you are an extrovert person. On the other hand, dark and dim colours reinforce introversion and seriousness. So choose the best colour according to each case and enjoy the spring time!

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