What is Physiognomy and how can it help us?


Physiognomy is the method that evaluates and studies the proportions and individual features of the face through which, one can draw conclusions about tendencies and predispositions of one's character. The inherent, acquired, dominant & expressed traits can be decoded through the use of Physiognomy.

Can the face reveal our true personality?

In nature there is a universal cause and effect relation. Our face communicates the imprinted information about what lies within us. There is a direct correlation between morphological and psychological characteristics. Their form and functionality is directly connected. Form follows function. Humans as a species have evolved for self preservation & reproduction reasons with the subconscious ability to instantaneously gather information about people around from a face to face encounter.
Through a single glance, information about attitude, health, fertility, and character can be perceived. This can explain why our first impression is most often than not more accurate.

In modern societies, people have been conditioned to respond to and follow social rules, which as a result inhibit their natural sensory acuity.

Our facial features are visible to all. Whether we are able to decode them accurately depends on the combination of our sensory acuity, our perceptive faculties, combined with knowledge of the meanings.

Which are the predominant features that reveal our personality?

Our face has static and dynamic features. The bone structure is Static & corresponds to our innate, inherited tendencies, our undercurrent traits and long term actions.

The muscular and fleshy mass is dynamic & transforms throughout our life, as an indication of our current mental and emotional state. It reveals how we use our inherent abilities.

Two are the predominant features, which express our current attitude and emotional state, in a subconscious level and are hard to control: The eyes, which are related to our mental activity & the mouth which eloquently expresses our emotional world.

The importance of expressions

Facial expressions are the result of the muscular contractions. Repetitive contraction of certain facial muscles imprint expression lines. These should not be confused with wrinkles, which are caused by external factors and are shallow. Expression lines are deep and defined.
A person's mental activity can be observed through facial expressions.

As with everything, moderation is key. A total lack of expressions on a face is as equally negative constant excessive facial expressions.

Micro-expressions are split second contrition of our facial muscles that usually happen just before we say something. They are usually perceived on a subconscious level rather than a consciously

Thus we can sense for example if someone is not telling the truth when his micro expressions and posture give a different, contradicting message than what the person is trying to communicate verbally. Only when our verbal and non verbal communication cues are congruent can we persuade someone effectively.

Micro expressions are not dependent on racial or cultural factors, since their origins have a common biological basis. They are embedded within us.

How do we work on a face?

Initially the face is evaluated based on its inherited traits and how these have been utilized by the person.

Outer Facial Frame

Corresponds to our physical constitution. Our "built", energy levels, health & deeper tendencies.

Inner frame - Receptors, dynamic features

Corresponding to our immediate responses, determines the "tonality" of our social behavior.

Three Zones

The upper, from the forehead to the hairline, is the intellectual zone, which corresponds to the way our brain perceives and processes information. Our conscious and subconscious imagination lies here as well.

The middle zone, where are all our sensory receptors are located (eyes, nose mouth, ears), is the place through which we communicate with the environment and shows how it affects us. It determines our emotional sensitivity and responses.

The lower zone, under the mouth down to the edge of the chin, is where our instinctive & physical forces lie, and provides information about our health, sexuality and passions, our activity levels.

Width/ height relation

Generally in all the facial zones but also in each & every individual feature an axiom is applied. Its Width reveals how a characteristic is expressed quantitatively, in action, whereas its height indicates its qualitative development. That is if there is not sufficient width, certain traits may exist but may not be expressed.

The more balanced our features are the less inner conflicts are likely to exist.

Uses of Physiognomy

Physiognomy helps us to discern the differences between our actual capabilities from the stereotyped image that we have built for ourselves.

This knowledge gives us an insight on all fields: Professional, Educational or Personal

It can help us in our personal communication and our goals.

With physiognomy we can work smarter by :

• Knowing what drives the behavior of customers and partners.

• Knowing what to look for in prospective employees.

• Knowing what to expect from the performance of each employee.

• Knowing personally how weto transform our own behavior in order to deal with situations more effectively.

The face is the key to our identity. It displays a whole range of information about traits and character that our conscious behaviour will conceal.
it's the blueprint of our identity.

Through morpho-psychology we can assess the whole manner of the individual.

Whether a person is calm or nervous, sluggish or active, refined or uncouth The balanced & Contradicting features.

Physiognomy sets the foundations for self improvement, cultivating sharper awareness of our unique identity, but also an insight into what makes people act.

Self-knowledge through Physiognomy allows us to master our weaknesses and reinforce our strengths.

Through Physiognomy you will know what natural gifts to train, and how to direct, discipline, inspire ourselves!

Physiognomy sets the foundations for

- self improvement

- cultivating sharper awareness of our unique identity

- but also an insight into what makes people act.

It totally ignores peoples social/political status, power and influence, and focuses solely on the methodical study and evaluation of the person's facial structure and his individual features.

Physiognomy is NOT a fatalistic theory. It is upon the person, to master his flaws and reinforce his merits.

Evan Fotis Georgoulakis
Character Assesment - Personal Communication
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