Life Self Coaching Institute runs a series of workshops that aim to empower and motivate participants, who want to develop their Communication skills.

The workshop topics offered by Life Self Coaching Institute are based on two main pillars: Communication and Coaching/Mentoring.

The combination of these two sciences help participants in building and enhancing their Communication skills and on the other hand motivate them through Coaching & Mentoring, in sustaining and expanding their potential either in the personal, social or professional field.

What differentiates Life Self Coaching Institute's programs from competition is that every workshop combines not only the latest trends and methodologies on the topic delivered but also the appropriate Coaching & Mentoring skills that every participant needs in order to be able to incorporate the knowledge gained into their everyday behavior.

The workshops titles are mentioned below:

Personal Development Workshops:
- Physiognomy & Personal Communication - Build your image effectively through Morpho-Psychology and
  effective Communication Techniques

- Life Self Coaching Techniques – Be the Best of Yourself
- Image Making: Create your Professional & Personal Brand
- Achieving what I want
- Time & Stress Management
- Achieve your goals through Human Social Networking

Interpersonal Communication Workshops
- Communicating effectively in the corporate environment
- Human Social Networking

Corporate Communication Workshops
- Professional Public Relations
- Marketing Communication Techniques
- Crisis Management
- Τhe A-Z of Successful Event Management
- Organizing Effective Meetings

Executive Communication Workshops
- Crisis Management
- Customer Service with Heart! How to create positive Customer Experience in a fast paced environment
- How to manage your boss
- Executive Assistant Diploma
- Executive Assistant Workshop
- Presentation Skills
- Sales Techniques

These programs are offered either in-house or in the form of personal sessions always taking into account the individual needs of the participants.

For more information: info [at] lifeselfcoaching [dot] com

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