Customer Service with Heart! How to create positive Customer Experience in a fast paced environment

Objective: To discuss the practical issues of customer service (internal and external) of an enterprise. The workshop analyzes the techniques for handling customer experience and how a series of customer service techniques are applied in order for our customer to feel happy and function as a word of mouth for our business.

Target audience: Executives involved in the customer experience field facing internal as well as external customers.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Customer Care - Definition
  • Why do we deal with customer service?
  • Use positive language
  • Listen carefully to the client
  • 7 reasons why people do not listen
  • How to improve listening skills
  • Why do we lose customers?
  • The 5 'gaps' in service delivery
  • Handling Customer Complaints
  • Effective ways of communicating
  • Observe the clients body language
  • Marketing techniques for customer retention
    • Top 10 strategies for customer retention
  • Telephone Skills
  • When customers are friends: 7 tips
  • Why complaints are a gift for a company
  • Create a dedicated customer
  • Customers buy when they feel good!
  • Managing Customer Experience (Customer Experience Management)
  • Tips for loyal customers

Duration: 8 hours

GreekEnglish (United Kingdom)
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