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Life Self Coaching Services
You can participate in the open workshops of Life Self Coaching Institute by being informed through our CALENDAR.

By participating in our workshops - where you learn the theory and methodology of Life Self Coaching - we support you further via telephone and e-mail so that you maintain the initial enthusiasm towards your goal(s). In case you need a coaching support we are here for FREE because we want you to become the Best of Yourself!

Training Services
You can find out about the open workshops and also by being informed through our CALENDAR.

After completing a workshop we offer FREE support via telephone and e-mail in the subjects concerning the relative issues that you have participated in, at any time you need extra consultation.

Private Session Services
We offer personal sessions in the field of Communications Coaching & Communications Mentoring for individuals that would like to cultivate their communications skills, in order to influence and establish their unique brand either in their corporate or social environment.

  • Communications Coaching
    Communications Coaching focuses on achieving your goals by reaching the best version of your personal communication style taking into consideration your inner personality strengths and how the latter are expressed successfully by delivering the intended message.
  • Communications Mentoring
    Communications Mentoring focuses on executive related issues by incorporating best communication practices combined with the latest trends in communications techniques and research.

For more information you can contact us at: info [at] lifeselfcoaching [dot] com

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Life Self Coaching Services


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