Crisis Management

Objective: To discuss the issue of Crisis Management, as part of the communication strategy of a company, to identify its causes and suggest ways to prevent it from happening.

Target audience: Executives involved in proactive communication and want to learn the basic identification and prevention of a crisis situation.
Customer Service with Heart! How to create positive Customer Experience in a fast paced environment

Objective: To discuss the practical issues of customer service (internal and external) of an enterprise. The workshop analyzes the techniques for handling customer experience and how a series of customer service techniques are applied in order for our customer to feel happy and function as a word of mouth for our business.

Target audience: Executives involved in the customer experience field facing internal as well as external customers.

How to manage your boss

Objective: To help participants understand how they should communicate with all types of bosses, in order to achieve great results

Target audience: Executives and employees who have difficulty communicating with their superiors.
Executive Assistant Diploma

Objective: Provide executive assistants with the essential knowledge and skills needed to meet the current corporate demands, giving emphasis on management, marketing, business communication and customer service.

Target audience: Executive assistants expected to support effectively the day-to-day workflow - beyond the clerical level - and thus be able to understand the core management, marketing and leadership rules..
Executive Assistant Workshop
Objective: To help personal assistants gain the knowledge and the skills needed in order to face the challenges of their multitasking role.

Target audience: Personal assistants and executive secretaries that support their manager's workflow beyond the clerical level, and thus need to know and apply the basic principles of management and organizational leadership.
Presentation Skills

Objective: Help executives, that deal with many presentations, be familiar with the relevant techniques and tools that are appropriate in delivering a successful presentation.

During this 8 hour workshop, participants will have the opportunity to see themselves the way they were before and after the session as presenters.

In order to achieve the maximum result, participants in the beginning of the session will give a presentation in front of a video camera as well as at the end of the session.

There they will be able to see the “before and after” result, as they will have to incorporate the knowledge they gained during the session in their last presentation.

Target audience: Business executives that deal with preparing and delivering presentations such as salespeople and hr staff that have to train other people.   

Sales Techniques

Objective: Help executives understand new sales techniques for closing successful and mutually beneficial deals.

Target audience: Executives involved in sales and people who want to enrich their knowledge with the new trends in sales techniques.


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