Objective: To enhance your personal resilience and understand how energy management impacts your effectiveness at home and work.

Target audience
: Directors/Managers/ Supervisors who want to improve their resilience.

Topics to be discussed:

  • What is Burnout?
  • Self-Assessment exercise
  • Symptoms of Burnout
  • Personality traits that cause burnout
  • Practical ways of coping with Burnout
  • What is Resilience?
  • How mind management helps?
  • Building rapport
  • Quick coherence exercise
  • Mechanisms of brain change
  • Practices to accelerate brain change
  • 6 Cs of coping
  • 10 ways to build resilience
  • The Neuroscience of resilience
  • How to recognize positive emotions?
  • Explore your personal character strengths
  • Relational Intelligence
  • The 7 factors of resilience
  • Detecting iceberg beliefs
  • 5 Steps toward managing work stress

*VIA SurveyPrior to the Resilience Workshop, participants will have to complete VIA Character Strengths Survey and print their results for discussion and practice purposes throughout their training experience!

How will you benefit:

  • Understanding how to be the ‘Optimum Me’
  • Chose to move from surviving to thriving
  • Define your own ‘True North’
  • Recharge your ‘Battery’ to become master of your physical energy
  • Apply techniques to weather the emotional storms of life
  • Harness your inner mental strength and resilience
  • Prepare an action plan that will enable them to apply the key learning points