Objective: To help Executives/Project Leaders/Coaches to enhance their everyday interaction with their Team and Clients by applying Coaching Skills and Effective Methods of Communication, in order to build successful and long-term relationships with their internal, as well as, with their external stakeholders.

Target audience: Executives/Project Leaders/Coaches

Topics to be discussed:

  • Understand what Coaching is and isn’t

  • Being a Coach vs. using Coaching Skills

  • Creating Awareness

    • Inner Game

    • Management Competencies Wheel

    • Be an Observer

    • Adapting your coaching to individual Customer Needs based on your personal Character Strengths

  • Communicating

    • Perception

    • Body Language

    • Modes of Listening Skills

      • Internal Listening

      • Focused Listening

      • Global Listening

  • Giving Feedback

    • Asking Questions

      • Closed

      • Leading

      • Open

    • NVC Process

    • Appreciative Feedback

    • Developmental Feedback

    • Corrective Feedback

    • Reframing

  • Designing Actions

    • Using Coaching Models

    • Strategy Map

    • G.R.O.W. Model

    • S.M.A.R.T. Method

    • Mirroring

    • Summaries

  • Establishing Trust & Intimacy with the Internal & External Customer

Blended Action Learning Phases:

Phase I:Coaching Skills for Leaders” Workshop

Phase II: Personal Coaching Sessions (One-to-One)

Phase III: Coaching Sessions Observation

Phase IV: Feed forward Coaching Sessions (One-to-One)

Phase V: Follow-up/Peer Coaching Sessions


Phase I: 2 days

Phase II: 2 days

Phase IV: 2 days

Phase V: I day

How you will benefit:

  • Coaching Mindset, Basic Coaching and Interpersonal Skills: Deep listening, empowered communication, risk taking, authenticity, accountability, compassion, collaboration.
  • Capitalize on team/individual personality strengths.
  • Building High Trust Teams: How to build, foster and support high functioning, productive, high trust teams.