Professional Public Relations, Marketing Communication Techniques, Organizing Effective Meetings, Crisis Management, Executive Assistant Masterclass, Executive Assistant Workshop, Sales Techniques and The A-Z of successful event management


Professional Public Relations: To explain the basic principles of Public Relations and the relevant tools used by PR professionals in programming successful offline and online campaigns.

Marketing Communication Techniques: To explain the basic principles and techniques of Marketing Communications and the tools used by the Marketing Communications’ professionals in the planning of promotion and advertising.

Organizing Effective Meetings: To help people that organize and participate in meetings learn, how to organize and run them effectively.

Crisis Management: To discuss the issue of Crisis Management, as part of the communication strategy of a company, to identify its causes and suggest ways to prevent it from happening.

Executive Assistant Masterclass: Provide executive assistants with the essential knowledge and skills needed to meet the current corporate demands, giving emphasis on management, marketing, business communication and customer service.

Executive Assistant Workshop: To help personal assistants gain the knowledge and the skills needed in order to face the challenges of their multitasking role.

Sales Coaching Techniques: Help executives understand new sales techniques for closing successful and mutually beneficial deals.

The A-Z of successful event management: To monitor step – by step the process of organizing and implementing successful corporate events (corporate events).

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