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Crisis Management

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Key Objective: Examine the critical aspect of Crisis Management within a company’s communication strategy, addressing its causes and proposing preventative measures to mitigate such occurrences.

Target Audience: Executives involved in proactive communication and want to learn the basic identification and prevention of a crisis situation.

Key Topics:

  • What are the characteristics of a “crisis”?
  • Different types of corporate crises
  • Consequences of a crisis
  • Hard truths on Crisis Management
  • Defining your audience-stakeholders
  • What may constitute a “crisis”?
  • How should I approach the “problem of the crisis”?
  • Why the crisis response plans are often ineffective?
  • How to manage a sudden crisis?
  • What happens when a crisis is going public?
  • The realities of an “underlying” crisis
  • Basic questions you should ask
  • Crisis Management Prevention Questionnaire
  • Summary Plan of a communication strategy – before, during and after – a crisis

Key Benefits:

  • Preparedness: Crisis management training equips individuals and organizations with the knowledge, skills, and tools to be prepared for various types of crises. By understanding potential risks, developing response plans, and conducting simulations or drills, participants are better prepared to handle crises when they occur.
  • Improved Stakeholder Relationships: Crisis management training emphasizes the importance of maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders. Participants learn techniques for effectively engaging with internal and external stakeholders during a crisis, including employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, and the community. Building and nurturing these relationships fosters cooperation, support, and collaboration in crisis situations.
  • Team Coordination and Collaboration: Crisis management often requires cross-functional teamwork and collaboration. Participants learn to work together efficiently, leverage each other’s strengths, and make collective decisions that drive effective crisis response.



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