Communicate effectively by capitalizing on your character strengths.

Character Strengths’ Based Communication

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Key Objective: Help participants understand how they can communicate effectively by capitalizing on their character strengths.

Target Audience: All executives that wish to improve their communication style and build an influential image based on their character strengths.

Key Topics:

  • Dominant characteristics of successful people
  • Identify your character strengths
  • Decoding your personal reputation
  • Self-image reality check
  • Personality strengths vs personality weaknesses. How they affect our image and communication?
  • Technical Skills vs. Social Skills
  • How our mindset affects our communication?

Blended Action Learning Phases:

Phase I: “Character Strengths’ Based Communication” Workshop
Phase II: Personal Coaching Sessions (One-to-One)

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Relationships: By recognizing and acknowledging your character strengths, you create a positive and affirming environment that fosters stronger relationships. When people feel valued and appreciated for their unique strengths, it deepens the connection and trust between individuals, leading to more fulfilling and meaningful relationships.
  • Positive Engagement: Character strengths-based communication encourages individuals to focus on their own strengths and the strengths of others. This positive orientation promotes engagement and motivation, as individuals are more likely to feel empowered, energized, and confident when using their strengths. It creates a positive cycle where people are encouraged to contribute their best, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction.
  • Effective Collaboration: When people understand and utilize their strengths in collaborative settings, it leads to more effective teamwork. By recognizing and leveraging each team member’s strengths, tasks can be allocated based on individual capabilities and preferences. This collaborative approach promotes synergy and complementary contributions, ultimately leading to higher-quality outcomes and shared success.
  • Boosts Self-Awareness: Character strengths-based communication encourages individuals to reflect on and recognize their own strengths. This self-awareness enables personal growth, as individuals can leverage their strengths to overcome challenges and make positive changes in their lives. By focusing on strengths, individuals develop a stronger sense of self and are more equipped to navigate various life situations.
  • Promotes Resilience: When facing setbacks or adversity, a strengths-based communication approach helps individuals tap into their inner resilience. By recognizing their existing strengths and applying them to overcome obstacles, individuals develop a more optimistic and empowered mindset.
  • Effective Problem-Solving: Character strengths-based communication can enhance problem-solving skills by encouraging individuals to approach challenges from a strengths-oriented perspective.



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