Today’s leaders need to be visible, personal and relatable with a clear purpose and a strong focus beyond the company itself.


Public speaking masterclass: Help executives, that deal with many presentations, be familiar with the relevant techniques and tools that are appropriate in delivering a successful presentation.

Physiognomy Personal Communication: Visual communication is arguably the most direct and powerful form of interpersonal communication.
Within the first 4 seconds of a face to face encounter, we all subconsciously decide whether we like someone or not.
Within the first 30 seconds we better have captured people’s attention or it drifts away, and interest associations are settled.

How to manage your boss: To help participants understand how they should communicate with all types of bosses, in order to achieve great results

How to create positive customer experience in a vuca environment: To discuss the practical issues of customer service (internal and external) of an enterprise. The workshop analyzes the techniques for handling customer experience and how a series of customer service techniques are applied in order for our customer to feel happy and function as a word of mouth for our business.

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