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Global Communication coaching empowers individuals to enrich their communication skills, allowing them to influence and establish their unique brand in both corporate and social environments.

By participating in our sessions, individuals gain the ability to effectively communicate with groups and deliver impactful presentations to upper management and in general company’s stakeholders. Additionally, since they will be regularly asked to speak in front of groups, there will be a perception that they possess management potential or are on the fast track within the organization. Speaking opportunities are often reserved for individuals in higher positions, so by demonstrating excellent communication skills, individuals can position themselves as valuable assets to the company.

Our sessions focus on developing essential communication competencies, such as public speaking, conflict management, effective storytelling, and non-verbal communication. Through personalized guidance and practical exercises, individuals acquire the necessary tools to express their ideas clearly, engage their audience, and leave a lasting impact. We also provide strategies for building and maintaining a unique personal brand through effective communication, helping individuals differentiate themselves in their professional and social spheres.

Our goal is to equip individuals with the confidence, skills, and presence to excel in any communication setting. By investing in their communication abilities, individuals can enhance their professional growth, increase their influence, and open doors to new opportunities for advancement.

Key Topics:

Fundamentals of Executive Speaking Skills

  1. Identify the elements of a good presentation
  2. Create an individualized speaking skills profile
  3. Set personal goals for the development of global communication


  • The importance of research and organization in preparing an effective speaking engagement
  • Illustrate how to plan and prepare strong beginnings and endings in your presentations and public speaking
  • Select and design effective visuals

Delivery Skills

  • The effective use of voice, action, image and language in public speaking
  • Apply strategies for positively addressing speech anxiety
  • Practice articulation methods

Essentials for Winning Presentations and Public Speaking

  • Choose appropriate strategies for reaching reluctant, uncommitted and inactive audiences
  • Design successful informative, persuasive, entertaining motivational and special event presentations
  • Respond in a focused and controlled fashion to questions and answer
  • Impromptu speech making

Awareness Tools:

  • VIA Character Strengths
  • Extended DISC

By applying each of the above tools Individuals will:

  • Acknowledge their natural strengths and opportunities for development in a creative way.
  • Explore ways of applying them on–the-job and in their interactions with their peers maximizing their performance and communication skills.

Key Benefits

  • Improved Communication Skills: Learn how to structure your thoughts, use persuasive language, and engage your audience, leading to more impactful communication in various settings.
  • Boosted Confidence: As you gain experience and receive constructive feedback, your confidence grows, enabling you to speak with poise and self-assurance in front of any audience.
  • Enhanced Presentation Skills: Polish various aspects of delivering presentations, such as body language, vocal tone, and visual aids. Learn techniques to captivate and engage your audience, making your presentations more engaging and memorable.
  • Overcoming Fear and Anxiety: Many people experience fear and anxiety when speaking in public. By applying specific strategies and practical exercises you overcome these challenges, allowing you to manage nervousness and perform at your best


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