A facilitated and flexible group learning experience towards a predefined goal


Group Coaching Objectives: A facilitated, focused, and confidential group process led by a skilled coach partner, group coaching can be defined as coaching that takes place with two or more people simultaneously. It uses techniques similar to individual coaching with the added benefit of synergistic group support.

Target Audience: People who are all aligned and headed to their executive or personal goal or outcome.

Key Benefits:

  • Participants learn from each other in a safe environment of mutual respect.
  • More affordable for the individual participant and/or client organization.
  • Discovery of new ideas from others who are in the same place.
  • Encourages interaction and sharing.
  • Creates accountability within the group with individual participants
    feeling more accountable and committed to their own success.
  • Creates a group atmosphere of success and celebration

Number of participants: For optimal results a group coaching program usually has approximately five to ten people in it. The reason for such a small number is because the coach facilitator wants to ensure that each person receives enough attention and support.

Duration: Group coaching programs vary in length. Most range from thirty to ninety days. Some stretch as long as six months.

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