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Life Self Coaching Institute is the result of accumulated experience concerning the personal development focusing on the “soft skills” sensitive area.

The Institute’s purpose is to become the pillar of each person’s personal development through Life Self Coaching – Be the Best of Yourself theory and practice, which strongly supports the systematic goal setting and empowerment of each person’s character strengths, in order for them to explore their best authentic version and ultimately reach their full potential.

Benefits to you!

By participating in the “Life Self Coaching Techniques – Be the Best of Yourself” Program offered by Life Self Coaching Institute you will gain:

  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Empowered Vision
  • Increased Awareness
  • Empathetic Communication
  • Solid Confidence
  • Strong Focus
  • Concrete Action

The objective is to help participants find, plan and execute solely by themselves their life goals in a given time frame, by using the techniques of Life Self Coaching – Be the Best of Yourself in order to be able to manage their emotional and interpersonal reactions towards their goal.

More benefits to you!

By participating in “Life Self Coaching Techniques – Be the Best of Yourself” Program we provide 3 FREE Coaching 60’ Sessions via e-mail or skype, in order to cultivate the initial enthusiasm towards your goal(s).
In case you need coaching empowerment we are here for FREE because we want you to become the Best of Yourself!

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