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What is LifeSelfCoaching?

Life Self Coaching is the technique of self-development that gives the possibility to everyone with the use of the appropriate techniques, which are offered in Life Self Coaching Institute through a series of webinars, to learn how every individual can achieve their goals at each life stage.

How does, works?

Suppose you set a goal and you really need the services of a Life Coach to help you achieve it, but do not have the required amount of money to pay the weekly or bi-weekly coaching fees. We, in with our knowledge and experience, provide you with three 60’ FREE Coaching Sessions– as long as needed – via e-mail or phone once you have attended the Life Self Coaching theory through our webinar “Life Self Coaching Techniques – Be the Best of Yourself”., is the 1st website globally that offers support on Life Self Coaching issues and enables anyone, who is dedicated in achieving his/her goal to help them become reality and realize their best self, which is strongly connected with our mission: Be the Best of Yourself!

Why is it necessary to attend the “Life Self Coaching Techniques – Be the Best of Yourself” Program in order to have three 60’ FREE Coaching Sessions?

In the procedure of achieving your goals you learn our methodology so that we are on the same page. After attending the program you will have all the tools you need in order to achieve your goals in every area BY YOURSELF!

However, if you attend the program but you feel in need of further assistance on any issue regarding the completion of your goal, we offer three 60’ FREE Coaching Sessions until you reach your desired goal

What are the benefits by enrolling in the “Life Self Coaching Techniques – Be the Best of Yourself” Program?

  • Learn how you can coach yourself towards success anytime- anywhere!
  • BONUS! Three 60’ FREE Coaching Sessions from our experts!
  • By attending the program you are given the opportunity to communicate via e-mail anytime with a range of experts from the fields of communication, psychology, sport and education on Life Self Coaching, who partner with our website and all for FREE!

Life Self Coaching Buddy 🙂

Our goal is to become your online Life Self Coaching Buddy that will guide you wherever and whenever you need in order to become the Best of Yourself!

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