Mentor Coaching focuses on developing ICF Core Competencies and how they are exhibited throughout a professional coaching session.


In setting high global standards for professional coaching, ICF’s credentialing system requires each applicant to partner with a Mentor Coach.

Mentor Coaching focuses on applicants’ coaching skills, rather than coaching them on practice building, life balance or other topics.

One of my greatest professional passions is partnering with professional coaches to enhance and expand their skills and expertise. Based on my experience as an ICF Credentialing Assessor, PCC Coach, International Lead Coach Instructor and Mentor Coach I will help you:

  • Gain clarity on the ICF Core Competency skills, behaviors and the ICF Code of Conduct.
  • Staying abreast of current ICF Credentialing requirements and procedures.

Mentor Coaching Relationship in Practice

ICF Mentor Coaching has a built-in, focused agenda that consists of continued professional development and demonstration of and alignment with ICF Core Competencies. Just as in a coaching relationship, the coach-client (i.e., the coach who is being coached) is responsible for identifying goals and measuring progress.

The coach-client comes to the relationship ready to listen to and discuss feedforward with the Mentor Coach and willing to sample mutually agreed-upon perspectives and approaches as a result of those dialogues.

Co-creation of the learning needs and outcomes, as well as, thorough examination of the ICF Core Competencies and ICF Code of Ethics will help you be a better coach and gain perspective and credibility in the global coaching community.

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