Understand how to can build your own “brand” in the competitive business environment


Objective: To help participants understand how they can build their own “brand” in the competitive business environment by focusing on communication enhancement and image building.

Target Αudience: All executives that wish to improve their communication style and build an influential image.

Key Topics:

  • Evaluation of your current image
  • Personality strengths vs personality weaknesses. How they affect our image and communication?
  • How to communicate effectively offline and online?
  • How to persuade through your communication
  • Affecting Others
  • Personal qualities of persuasive people
  • Useful tips when trying to influence
  • Telephone Skills
  • Review your telephone voice
  • Your role in improving telephone communication
  • Manage your Body Language
  • Behavioral styles
  • Positive Attitude
  • Aggressive Attitude
  • Passive Attitude
  • Professional Image
  • How to show off your personal image
  • How to hide your flaws
  • Stylistic secrets for professional appearances
  • Positive Interpersonal Communication
  • Building your talents
  • Improving your image
  • How to listen to and how … you listen
  • Listen actively
  • Listen to what is said or unsaid
  • How to express yourself during meetings
  • How to use social media to build your online social brand and reputation
  • Evaluation of your image after completion of the workshop
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