Decode facial expressions and communicate effectively by focusing on subconscious communication and persuasion engineering.


Physiognomy & Personal Communication: Build your image effectively through morpho-psychology and effective communication techniques.

Visual communication is arguably the most direct and powerful form of interpersonal communication.
Within the first 4 seconds of a face to face encounter, we all subconsciously decide whether we like someone or not.
Within the first 30 seconds we better have captured people’s attention or it drifts away, and interest associations are settled.

Why is it important?

In an era of constant changes, instability and financial challenges, the need of effective communication and strong interpersonal relations is of utmost importance.
Our success or failure in any field of life hugely depends on our ability to communicate effectively and persuade people around us: Professionally with our bosses, clients, colleagues or personnel.
In relations with our significant other. In our family with our spouse and children, in education with our pupils.

People with the insight of instant behavioral pattern recognition are able to:

  • Inspire
  • Persuade
  • Gain trust
  • Succeed in their goals

Attending this workshop will help the participants expand their insight on:

  • What our face reveals about our personality
  • How our emotional state is communicated through our facial expressions
    before we even say a word
  • How to use Physiognomy to effectively decode people’s behavior and actions.
  • How to comprehend what motivates each person to act the way they do.
  • Pattern recognition: What to expect from a person
  • How to use our facial strengths in order to convey our messages
    in a way compatible to our personality
  • What to look for in ourselves in order to transform our own behavior
    & manage situations more efficiently
  • How to use our body language to our benefit in order to communicate what we want
  • How to build our personal image and brand
  • Leave a positive impression using communication secrets conformed to our unique personality


  • Learn the basic rules of morpho-psychology and Physiognomy so you can decode fast and accurately a person’s current state and underlying personality traits.
  • Read another person’s verbal and non verbal cues and associate specific behaviors with specific internal processes or states
  • Build your personal brand effectively, focusing on subconscious communication, positive interpersonal relations & persuasion engineering.

Speakers: This program is presented by: Internationally acclaimed Physiognomist Evan Fotis ( & Avra Lyraki (Global Executive Communications’​ Coach|ICF PCC & ACC Credentialing Assessor| Mentor|Speaker)

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