Presentation Skills


Objective: Help executives, that deal with many presentations, be familiar with the relevant techniques and tools that are appropriate in delivering a successful presentation.

During this 16 hour seminar, participants will have the opportunity to see themselves the way they were before and after the session as presenters.

In order to achieve the maximum result, participants in the beginning of the session will give a presentation in front of a video camera as well as at the end of the session.

There they will be able to see the “before and after” result, as they will have to incorporate the knowledge they gained during the session in their last presentation.

Target audience: Business executives that deal with preparing and delivering presentations such as salespeople and hr staff that have to train other people.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Analyzing yourself as a speaker
  • Presentation skills
  • Instructor’s skills
  • Preparing the presentation
    • Developing the presentation
  • Methods of analyzing your audience
  • Manage your presentation
    • Organizing your ideas
    • 16 Creativity secrets
    • Presenting with self – confidence
    • Persuasion skills
    • The right way to start your presentation
    • Audience handling
  • Characteristics of adult participants
  • How to motivate adult participants
  • Handling problematic behavior
  • “Annoying” types of participants
    • How to deal with them?
  • Handling questions
    • Question types
    • General rules regarding questions
    • When to answer questions
  • How to use examples, and personal experience
  • Handling audiovisual equipment
    • How to choose supportive material
  • How to close your presentation
  • General rules for effective presentations

Duration: 16 hours

Workshop limitations:

  • In order for the workshop to reach its goal, videotaping is needed in order for participants to observe themselves before and after the delivery of the theory. Videotaping is provided from the organization that hosts the workshop.
  • The duration of the workshop depends on the number of the participants’ e.g. for 50 people the total duration will be around 16 hours.
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