It is important to be aware that our emotional self-awareness is the key to handling emotions, in order for them to work for us and not against us. It is also the key for understanding other people’s emotions and for the improvement of our relationships.

Following there are some suggestions in order to improve our emotional self-awareness:
– We are aware of our different emotions.
– We make a list of the most intense and frequent emotions we feel.
– We learn to step back and look at ourselves observing our emotions when they happen. Being able to look at ourselves in the mirror and acknowledge our emotional status and say to our self: “Now you’re feeling hurt, angry, intolerable…”
– We learn to distinguish similar types of emotions, such as liking or loving someone, or being jealous of someone…
– We try to feel our emotions when they’re happening: Listening to our body signs that accompany our emotions. They are never wrong…
– We acknowledge our “dynamic” emotions, the ones that work for us and foster our self-esteem.
– We literally write down on a piece of paper situations, facts and people who promote our dynamic emotions.
– We write down situations, facts and people who stimulate our catastrophic emotions.
– We accept with love, our feelings, moods and emotions as a natural part of our being!

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