Moments of Truth


Avra is an excellent coach and mentor, She is supportive, insightful and her distinctive presence helps build your own coaching presence, a pre-requisite for self –development and for developing your coachees. She helped me clarify my thinking around some key issues I was working on, enabling me to move forward to confidence and certainty as a coach. Thank you, Avra!

Kosmas MichailAdvisor Bank of Greece

I have known Mrs. Avra Lyraki and I have had the opportunity to assess her extraordinary abilities as she has worked as a collaborator in a project for business ethics.
She has organizational abilities of a very high standard and her help has been invaluable. Avra is trustworthy, solid, flexible, an excellent personality.

Anthony GortzisEx President of the World Federation in Advertising

Avra is a very attentive listener and an attuned coach who listens carefully to one's needs and helps create solutions. Fantastic listening skills, great empathy and focus on result, as well as very innovative methods that she uses in her practice all focused on the client's goal - this is what sets Avra apart.
Highly recommend

Evgenia NovikovaManager of Learning & Development, Central Europe at McKinsey & Company

Avra is a wonderful person. So difficult to find nowadays, so easy to approach... Really very good mentor. Skills? Empathy, strong insight, wisdom. 
It's a privilege to know her and I strongly recommend her services. Life Self Coaching initiative is what all of us need to advance successfully his life .... for good!"


Avra is extremely responsible and attentive as an individual and as a coach. She is thorough in her attitude and if she decides to get something done -- you can bet it's going to happen. She is always reliable, professional and strategic in her approach.

Marianna Lead, MCC, ICF

Avra is undoubtedly a very competent Communications Professional, with a natural graciousness, extrovert style and fine sense of humor that are projecting and further enhancing her communication skills. These combined with hard work, self motivation, stamina, liveliness, creativity and resourcefulness, make Avra not only a very competent, but a very pleasant person to work with. Getting to know her better, I have come to understand and appreciate a rare combination of integrity, warmth, optimism, openness and self confidence. 

E.P.Human Resources Director Telco

Avra thank you so much for working with me over the past year, it has been great having your support through the process of moving into the next phase of my career. You really are an expert at listening! It is very rare that you come across people with such a developed skill at listening. I have learned so much during the year and probably the most important lesson is the value of articulating my own thoughts. Hearing something out loud is a very powerful tool when processing your own thoughts and most of the time you can directly hear if it is a good or a bad idea and that is definitely something that I will put in my toolbox. Again, thank you so much for working with me, pushing me and always making sure I hold myself accountable!

C.O.International Controller, Twilio

Dedicated, very good communicator, professional, with a sweet and delicate sense of humor, that is how I characterize Dr. Avra Lyraki. She was a key-note speaker at our event on social media. She appeared to be well immersed in the topic, had excellent contact with the public and explained the subject in a light and very pleasant way.

Celeste NeelenManaging Director ARTISA, Academic & Art Retreat in Greece

Avra is a very active professional as well as, academic person, with excellent communication skills. She is extremely organized, can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. She is committed to her goals and combines creativity with feasible planning and execution, in relation to the given resources, in order to deliver any given project. She builds excellent rapport with the people she has to cooperate with either locally or internationally.

Dr. Gregory PapanikosDirector, Athens Institute of Education & Research

Dr. Lyraki is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to assigned projects. She is highly respected, as both a person and a professional.

Ellie MelahroinidouMarketing Director, Hellenic Football Federation

Avra Lyraki was associated as my Cherie Blair Foundation mentor in the Mentoring Women in Business Plan. Avra nurtured my goals, reinforced my strength and affirmed my self-driven nature and artistic talents, giving me autonomous space to make discerning choices. She consistently nudged me towards the completion of my set goals with a positive influence. I found hert to have honorable leadership qualities, well-scheduled with our meetings, a good listener, solution oriented and focused on the implementation of our goals.Under her guidance and endorsement, I executed my painting website as my mainstream marketing tool ( I was also encouraged to produce a new body of work for a solo exhibition and Avra was part of the painting journey. She also equipped me with good reading material for sharing knowledge and learnings. I find Avra to be a dynamic professional, caring and compassionate human with a good combination of sobriety and cheerfulness.

Fariya ZaeemHead of Marketing, Soneri Bank

It has been a fascinating learning experience for me under Avra's guidance and coaching the past 6 months.  Avra helped me explore my strengths and get a much better understanding of where I am potentially over or under utilizing them.  That knowledge gave me insight into exploring other ways of thinking about how I engage with people both professionally and personally.  This has been a real "WoW" moment for me, and has enabled me to start thinking and engaging in a much more positive and productive manner with people.  It is truly remarkable how Avra manages to unlock so much wisdom from within yourself, by simply guiding, coaching and supporting your own journey of self-discovery and change for the better.
Thanks again for all the "Wow" moments Avra... It was an amazing experience!

G. E.Software Development Engineering Manager, Workday

I have known Dr. Lyraki since 2006 as a professional and academic. I have always admired her professionalism, her reliability and her ability to deliver results effectively and efficiently within tight time-frames. She seeks continuous improvement, aiming always higher.On the interpersonal side, Dr. Lyraki has superior written and verbal communication skills. Her broad professional, as well as, academic skills and experience in Corporate Communications, Public Relations and Life Coaching make her an ideal asset for any company who is looking for a Corporate Communications leader.

G.K.Human Resources Leader, Central & Eastern Europe

I have had the pleasure of cooperating with Dr. Avra Lyraki since November 2006 when I hired her as an instructor at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) of the American College of Greece – Deree College.
Dr. Lyraki delivered successful seminars on Event Management, Interpersonal Relations and Professionalism, Marketing and Public Relations, Business Communications, Professional Public Relations, Personal Assistant Briefing, Customer Service and Life Coaching. Her student evaluations are consistently high at 4.5/5.
Dr. Lyraki is an eloquent speaker and committed professional. She is very skilled at building rapport with an audience and engaging in her chosen topics. On a personal level, I find her to be dynamic, responsible, and intelligent.

Vicky Lambrou-VassilakouFormer, Assistant Dean, School of Continuing & Professional Studies, The American College of Greece

It is my honor and pleasure to recommend certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach, Avra Lyraki to leaders, future leaders and organizations who are striving for continuous greatness.
I have worked with hundreds of executive coaches worldwide and Avra in my opinion is in the top % of outstanding coaches who combines incredible intellect, sensitivity, insight and passion that creates a powerful partnership with her clients.

What an outstanding person and talent any organization/leader who makes the decision to work with her will be making a great decision and investment!

John Mattone2017 Thinkers 50 Leadership Award (former executive coach to the late Steve Jobs)

 Thank you Avra for the very fruitful partnership we’ve had over the last couple of months. I feel I have grown in a number of areas, it will surely take a lot more practice at my end to improve and groom myself into the role. Over the years as we grow in our professional space we forget a few basic elements.  You taught me to smile more and reflected on the importance of a “smile” and how much more a smile can do to the face and voice, thank you Avra! Over the coaching session one of our focus areas was presentation and communication skills.  I’ve now learned how to create a more welcoming opening note at a presentation, highlights to be included in the body of the session and closing the presentation.

S. K. Sourcing Specialist, VISA

Avra is a very energetic person, committed to excellent delivery and great creative solutions. Working with her has been a pleasure and I have enjoyed the punctuality and reliability that goes along with her passion for her work. Highly recommended!

Vasso ChaliotiAccount Manager at M&C SAATCHI MENA