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Presentations Skills Workshop

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Key Objective: Support executives who frequently engage in presentations by providing them with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to deliver impactful and successful presentations. We specialize in equipping executives with relevant techniques and tools that are essential for effective presentation delivery.

Process: During these workshop participants will experience a remarkable transformation as presenters. They will have the unique opportunity to witness their own progress before and after the session.

To ensure optimal results, participants will begin by delivering a presentation in front of a video camera at the start of the session. Later, towards the end of the seminar, they will have another opportunity to present.

By comparing their initial and final presentations, participants will observe the significant “before and after” effect. They will be able to incorporate the valuable knowledge acquired during the session into their final presentation, further enhancing their skills and achieving outstanding results.

Whether you need to deliver compelling sales pitches or train others effectively, we provide targeted support to enhance your presentation skills.

Target Audience: Business executives, including salespeople and HR staff, who are involved in preparing and delivering presentations.

Key Topics:

  • Analyzing yourself as a speaker
  • Presentation skills
  • Instructor’s skills
  • Preparing the presentation
  • Developing the presentation
  • Methods of analyzing your audience
  • Manage your presentation
  • Organizing your ideas
  • 16 Creativity secrets
  • Presenting with self – confidence
  • Persuasion skills
  • The right way to start your presentation
  • Audience handling
  • Characteristics of adult participants
  • How to motivate adult participants
  • Handling problematic behavior
  • “Annoying” types of participants
  • Handling questions
  • How to use examples, and personal experience?
  • Handling audiovisual equipment
  • How to choose supportive material
  • How to close your presentation?
  • General rules for effective presentations

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Communication: You will enhance your ability to express ideas clearly and effectively, both verbally and non-verbally.
  • Increased Confidence: By learning and practicing presentation techniques, you will gain confidence in public speaking.
  • Engaging and Persuasive Delivery: You will learn how to deliver your message in a compelling and persuasive manner, making your presentations more impactful.
  • Effective Audience Engagement: You will acquire techniques to engage your audience, such as storytelling, interactive elements, and effective use of visuals.
  • Overcoming Nervousness: You’ll learn techniques to stay calm, focused, and composed, enabling you to deliver presentations confidently, even in high-pressure situations.

Workshop limitations:

  • In order for the workshop to reach its goal, video recording is needed in order for participants to observe themselves before and after the delivery of the theory. Video recording is provided from the organization that hosts the workshop onsite.
  • The duration of the workshop depends on the number of the participants’.



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