Life Self Coaching IKE is a company duly represented herein by Avra Lyraki (Global Executive Communication Coach (MCC, ICF), ICF Credentialing Assessor. The protection of the Client’s personal data constitutes one of Life Self Coaching IKE primary concerns.

Life Self Coaching IKE, acting in its capacity as Data Protection Controller, has taken all necessary technical and organizational measures in order to ensure that the processing of personal data will only take place for the purposes of the Agreement, and in particular, in order to enable a plan for the optimization of the Client’s personal and professional potential/coaching skills on the basis of the particular characteristics and goals of the Client.

The personal data that will be collected and kept by Life Self Coaching IKE consist exclusively of those data that are absolutely necessary, appropriate and relevant, and that are strictly required for and serve the above purpose of the processing, the compliance of Life Self Coaching IKE with its obligations, in accordance with the applicable legislative and regulatory framework and for protecting and serving the public interest. Namely, the personal data that will be processed within the context of the Agreement are the name, family name, father’s name, contact details, such as the Client’s telephone number (land line and cell phone), their home/residence address and/or office address, email address, marital status, profession, and any information that may come up in the framework of the sessions to be held, and that are kept either in hard copy form (brief notes from the sessions, safely stored in a cabinet), or electronically on a cloud (session excerpts stored on a google cloud in compliance with the GDPR). The name is not used in the case of e-notes of the sessions, (which are saved with a non identifiable special password), on a smartphone (the contact details of the person may be saved in the contact book, but always under a non identifiable password and not the person’s actual name), on Web Video Conferencing Apps (in the case of a direct call or a first search, should a message be sent to Life Self Coaching IKE, it will be saved in Life Self Coaching IKE Web Video Conferencing Apps account, until such message is read, at which time it will be deleted), on electronic devices (including personal computers, laptops and her cell phone, all secured through password).

Life Self Coaching IKE will have exclusive access to the Client’s personal data and the Client’s consent will be requested prior to transfer of personal data to third parties.

Life Self Coaching IKE has taken all necessary measures for the protection of the personal data of the Client from random or wrongful destruction, loss, unlawful transfer or access to third parties and, in general, from any form of unlawful process.

If you wish, you may submit an application addressed to Life Self Coaching IKE, in written or electronic form, at the email address: in order to exercise the rights pertaining to your personal data, in order to be informed about and gain access to them, acquire copies thereof, correct or delete them (right to be forgotten) or restrict their processing, as well as in order to exercise your right to oppose the processing of your personal data, or your right to portability of your personal data.

In the event that you consider that unlawful processing of your data has taken place, you have the right to file a complaint with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (1-3 Kifissias Ave. Postal Code 115 23, Αthens, email address:  Call center: +30-210 647560).