Stand out by building your personal brand.

Personal Branding

Key Objective: Empower participants to cultivate their personal “brand” within the highly competitive business landscape. The focus will be on developing effective communication skills and constructing a favorable professional image.

Target Αudience: All executives that wish to improve their communication style and build an influential image.

Key Topics:

  • Evaluation of your current image
  • Personality strengths vs personality weaknesses. How they affect our image and communication?
  • How to communicate effectively offline and online?
  • How to persuade through your communication
    • Affecting Others
    • Personal qualities of persuasive people
    • Useful tips when trying to influence
  • Telephone Skills
  • Review your telephone voice
  • Your role in improving telephone communication
  • Manage your Body Language
  • Behavioral styles
    • Positive Attitude
    • Aggressive Attitude
    • Passive Attitude
  • Professional Image
    • How to show off your personal image
    • How to hide your flaws
    • Stylistic secrets for professional appearances
  • Positive Interpersonal Communication
    • Building your talents
    • Improving your image
  • How to listen to and how … you listen
    • Listen actively
    • Listen to what is said or unsaid
  • How to express yourself during meetings
  • How to use social media to build your online social brand and reputation
  • Evaluation of your image after completion of the workshop

Key Benefits:

  • Differentiation: Developing a strong brand helps you stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself from competitors. It allows you to highlight your unique qualities, skills, and experiences, which can attract attention and opportunities in both personal and professional contexts.
  • Increased Visibility: A well-defined brand increases your visibility and presence in your industry or community. It helps you establish a strong online presence through platforms like social media, professional networking sites, and personal websites.
  • Professional Growth: Building a personal brand can enhance your professional growth by positioning you as an expert or thought leader in your field.
  • Networking and Collaboration: A well-crafted personal brand can attract like-minded individuals and foster valuable connections. It enables you to network with professionals who share similar interests, goals, or values, facilitating collaboration, mentorship, and support.
  • Increased Trust and Authenticity: Building a strong personal brand requires authenticity and transparency. By consistently showcasing your values, expertise, and unique qualities, you establish trust and credibility with your audience.


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