Practical methods of Social Networking (Human Social Networking) to expand your
business or your social circle.

Human Social Networking

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Key Objective: Provide participants with valuable techniques in human social networking to unlock their potential and expand their opportunities to expand their circle of influence.

Target Αudience: All business executives and individuals that wish to expand their business or their social circle through offline and online techniques.

Key Topics:

  • Why do we use Social Networking (Human Social Networking)?
  • What are the types of Social Networking?
  • Goal Setting & Social Networking
  • Professional appearance
  • Creativity in the process of Social Networking
  • How do we take the first step?
  • Building our personal brand (self brand)
  • How can we utilize the techniques of effective listening?
  • Communication techniques in Social Networking
  • Body Language
  • Networking and Social Media (Online Word of Mouth)
  • How do I get the perfect approach?
  • Tips for successful ice breaking talks
  • Ways to ask for help without becoming a pushy
  • Tips for successful Social Networking

Key Benefits:

  • Connection and Relationship Building: Learn how social networking facilitates communication, allowing you to stay connected, share experiences, and maintain relationships across time and distance.
  • Professional Opportunities: Provide avenues to showcase your skills, experiences, and expertise, making it easier for potential employers, clients, or collaborators to discover and connect with you.
  • Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange: Learn how to build collaboration and knowledge sharing among individuals with common interests or professional goals.
  • Cultural Exchange and Global Perspective: Learn how to engage with individuals from different countries and cultures broadening your horizons, exposing you to new perspectives, and fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of diversity.



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