Achieve your goals by formulating targeted goal statements within a defined timeframe.

Achieving What I Want

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Key Objective: Empower participants to achieve their goals and aspirations by guiding them in setting precise and time-bound goal statements.

Target Audience: All people that are seriously engaged in setting, either their personal goals or their team’s goals.

Key Topics:

  •  Why do we set goals?
  • What is the appropriate strategy/ies in the process of achieving our goals?
  • “OK-ness” Theory – E. Berne
  • Appropriately structured goal statements
  • What happens if we don’t succeed?
  • Reasons for not achieving our goals
  • Who are the enemies of success?
  • Who are the allies of success?
  • Task prioritazation
  • Which are the goals characteristics
  • Advice for goal achievement
  • The role of human social networking in achieving our goals
  • Results evaluation

Key Benefits:

  • Clarity: Through various activities and discussions, you can better define what you truly want to achieve, which allows for more focused and targeted efforts.
  • Goal Setting Techniques: introduce you to frameworks such as SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals or other proven methods, enabling you to set goals that are well-defined, realistic, and attainable.
  • Action Planning: Provide guidance on prioritization, time management, and overcoming obstacles, all of which contribute to effective action planning.
  • Motivation and Accountability: Provide accountability mechanisms, such as setting milestones and regularly checking in with fellow participants or facilitators, which helps you stay on track.
  • Self-reflection and Growth: Identify and address any internal barriers that may impede your progress. By fostering self-awareness and self-improvement, you can enhance your overall personal and professional development.



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