A facilitated and flexible group learning experience, towards a predefined goal.

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Key Objective: A facilitated, focused, and confidential group process led by a skilled coach partner, Team Coaching empowers teams to work toward continued high performance and ongoing development, requiring innovation, flexibility, adaptability and goal alignment.

The growth in team coaching is partly driven by organizations looking for new ways to enable their teams to develop among increasing evidence that leadership development programs fail to yield long-term results. It uses techniques similar to individual coaching with the added benefit of synergistic team support.

How does Team Coaching work?: Team coaching enables teams to identify and address their challenges over a coaching program resulting in deep learning and sustainable change. It involves coaching the team together as well as one-to-one coaching for individuals and observing and supporting team meetings and events.

With team coaching, a team can develop together, clarify its purpose, goals and ways of working, reconnect with stakeholders and better understand their needs and identify powerful new ways to contribute to organization’s success. It’s also a valuable organizational development tool and can play an important part in culture change programs.

Team coaches support teams by increasing their awareness of the current patterns and by challenging its members to leverage their resources, strengths and life-giving forces to enhance team processes, relationships and performance.

Target audience: Team coaching supports divisional teams, functional teams and top teams to navigate complex environments and deliver extraordinary results. Extremely useful for leaders who manage remote teams.

Participants: For optimal results a team coaching program usually has approximately five to ten people because the coach facilitator wants to ensure that each person receives enough attention and support and that all participants equally provide their insights.

Key Benefits:

  • Performance – The organization’s performance improves to a great extent as team coaching reinforces the skills and strengths of the individuals. This allows them to perform better at achieving goals and meeting requirements.
  • Relationship – The relationship between the employers and the employees is strengthened. Additionally, the bond among the team members is also significantly improved.
  • Supportive Climate – Coaching in the workplace plays a vital role in creating a supportive climate for the workforce. In a supportive climate, individuals and team members can share their views and communicate in a better way.
  • Appreciation – Coaching in the workplace ensures that team members value and appreciate each other’s skills and uniqueness. Team members who appreciate each other are not only efficient with their work, but they also support each other.

Duration: Team coaching programs vary in length. Most range from sixty to ninety days. Some stretch as long as six months. While team coaching can take place in a face to face setting such as your employer’s conference room or other appropriate venue, frequently it occurs via web.



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