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Professional Public Relations: Provide a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles of Public Relations and equip PR professionals with the essential tools for designing successful offline and online campaigns.

Marketing Communication Techniques: Explain the core principles and techniques of Marketing Communications, along with the tools utilized by professionals in the planning of effective promotion and advertising strategies

The A-Z of successful event management: Provide a comprehensive guide on monitoring the step-by-step process of organizing and executing successful corporate events.

How to create a positive customer experience in a VUCA environment: Explore practical aspects of customer service, both internal and external, within an enterprise. The workshop delves into techniques for managing customer experience and implementing a range of customer service strategies to ensure customer satisfaction and encourage positive word-of-mouth for the business.

Organizing Effective Meetings: Assist individuals involved in organizing and participating in meetings to acquire the necessary skills for effectively organizing and conducting them.

Crisis Management: Examine the critical aspect of Crisis Management within a company’s communication strategy, addressing its causes and proposing preventative measures to mitigate such occurrences.

Executive Assistant Masterclass: Empower executive assistants with vital knowledge and skills required to meet the ever-evolving demands of the corporate world, focusing on areas such as management, marketing, business communication, and customer service.

Executive Assistant Workshop: Support personal assistants in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively tackle the challenges of their multitasking role.

Sales Coaching Techniques: Assist executives in comprehending innovative sales techniques aimed at closing successful and mutually beneficial deals.

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