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Public Speaking Masterclass

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Key Objective: Assist executives who frequently handle presentations in acquiring familiarity with effective techniques and tools for delivering successful presentations. During the session, participants will witness their personal growth as presenters by comparing their performance before and after the training. To ensure optimal results, participants will deliver a presentation at the beginning of the session, recorded on video, and another at the end. This enables them to observe the tangible improvement achieved by applying the knowledge acquired during the session to their final presentation.

Target Αudience: Business executives, including salespeople and HR executives, are frequently engaged in the preparation and delivery of presentations, as well as training others as part of their responsibilities.

Key Topics:

  • Analyzing yourself as a speaker
  • Presenter’s skills
  • Preparing the presentation
  • Developing the presentation
  • Methods of analyzing your audience
  • Manage your presentation
  • Organizing your ideas
  • 16 Creativity secrets
  • Presenting with self – confidence
  • Persuasion skills
  • The right way to start your presentation
  • Audience handling
  • Characteristics of adult participants
  • How to motivate adult participants
  • Handling problematic behavior
  • “Annoying” types of participants and how to manage them?
  • Handling questions
  • Types of questions
  • General rules regarding questions
  • When to answer questions
  • How to use examples, and personal experience?
  • Handling audiovisual equipment
  • How to choose supportive material
  • How to close your presentation?
  • Key ending message

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Communication Skills: Learn how to structure your thoughts, use persuasive language, and engage your audience, leading to more impactful communication in various settings.
  • Boosted Confidence: As you gain experience and receive constructive feedback, your confidence grows, enabling you to speak with poise and self-assurance in front of any audience.
  • Enhanced Presentation Skills: Polish various aspects of delivering presentations, such as body language, vocal tone, and visual aids. Learn techniques to captivate and engage your audience, making your presentations more engaging and memorable.
  • Overcoming Fear and Anxiety: Many people experience fear and anxiety when speaking in public. By applying specific strategies and practical exercises you overcome these challenges, allowing you to manage nervousness and perform at your best.



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