Objective: To discuss the issue of Crisis Management, as part of the communication strategy of a company, to identify its causes and suggest ways to prevent it from happening.

Target audience: Executives involved in proactive communication and want to learn the basic identification and prevention of a crisis situation.

Topics to be discussed:

  • What are the characteristics of a “crisis”?
  • Different types of corporate crises
  • Consequences of a crisis
  • Hard truths on Crisis Management
  • Defining your audience-stakeholders
  • What may constitute a “crisis”?
  • How should I approach the “problem of the crisis”?
  • Why the crisis response plans are often ineffective?
  • How to manage a sudden crisis?
  • What happens when a crisis is going public?
  • The realities of an “underlying” crisis
  • Basic questions you should ask
  • Crisis Management Prevention Questionnaire
  • Summary Plan of a communication strategy -before, during and after – a crisis