Get dressed for success!

Eventually, our road to success depends on various factors. Here are some ideas that can help us look with an open mind at some things or situations that can help us succeed!

  • Examine the possibility that there are some areas that you do not know and could lead you to new options. You may discover that you have unexplored talents from which you can generate satisfaction.
  • Do whatever you want; enjoy what you are doing as well as the fact that you are able to do it.
  • Look for activities that encourage you to realize your possibilities.
  • Motivate yourself by setting clear, meaningful and time constraint goals.
  • Dedicate time on expanding your potential and try to be the Best of Yourself in everything you do.
  • Learn to postpone an immediate satisfaction in order to achieve a long-term result.
  • Do not postpone important actions that relate to your goals. Do not wait up until the last moment in order to act on them.
  • Focus on your goal and avoid distractions.
  • Educate yourself on the small things that are vital to your goal. In other words, find the essence of your activities and how it contributes in achieving your goals.
  • Visualize the desirable results.
  • Reward yourself!

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Avra Lyraki (Ph.D. MCC, ICF)

Global Executive Communication Coach (MCC, ICF) | Government & C-Level Communication Mentor|ICF Assessor, ACTC & Mentor Coach| TEDx Speaker| HBR Advisory Council Member