Even though reality is relative, taking into consideration the film “What the bleep do we know”, our “objective” view is not so objective after all, since “we see” the world according to who we are and not how reality actually is.

However being – as much as possible – closer to the actual events, it helps and also protects us from many unpleasant situations.
Some suggestions on how to improve our sense of objectivity are the following:

  • Be aware that it is easier to confront facts by examining the immediate situation than jumping into hasty conclusions.
  • Examine rather than speculate on situations.
  • Put facts in a proper perspective and focus on significant aspects rather than insignificant ones.
  • Look for objective data to support what you feel and advocate.
  • Examine the correlation between what you are experiencing and what is actually happening.
  • See how accurate your emotions, your thoughts and ideas are, instead of depending on your intuition.
  • When forming an opinion about someone or about a situation, collect as much external information, as you can, in order to support your opinion.
  • Talk about your feelings to others so you can see their point of view. It might help you look at facts from another perspective.
  • When sad or angry, make a conscious attempt to stay focused on reality. Ask yourself how rational your reaction is compared to real facts!

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