The 7 universal principles

The following seven principles combine to create a harmony that is ultimately experienced as the Law of Attraction. It is believed that the Buddha, at one time said, “What you have become is the result of what you have thought.”

In ancient times, at the height of learning and knowledge in Greece, many philosophers expressed similar ideas. Prior to Socrates, the prevailing thought in Greece was that a person’s belief alone was strong enough to shape reality. It is also a basic tenet of many of the major religions that beliefs shape our reality.
These principles are important aspects of subjective reality. They must all be understood if you want to be successful in using the Law of Attraction in your life.

1.The Principle of Manifestation

This principle proposes that overall consciousness is something that we ultimately choose as human beings. People can choose to be conscious so that they can have complete and total awareness in the here and now. Even though we may not completely recognise it, we are constantly asking ourselves the main question that pertains to current consciousness: We want to know what focused consciousness can positively create for us.

2. The Principle of Magnetism

This is a key principle that concerns equal return for our thinking. You can only attract energy of like kind. If you put out positive emotions and thoughts, then you can expect to pick up positive associations. The universe is full of energy that is constantly being recycled by us and also moves within us. Each person is an important member of a delicate creation seeking complete balance – a life lesson that has been adopted by just about every culture on the planet. People naturally seem to understand that, in life, much of what you get is dependent upon what you give.

3. The Principle of Pure Desire

The Principle of Pure Desire states that your intentions will have a great impact on the return you get. If your actions and thoughts are driven by absolutely pure intention, then you can be sure that the outcome will be in your favor. In order for those intentions to be pure, you must be thinking in a state that is free of any fear, doubt, or notion of desperation. Your motives must be clear and worthy if you are going to receive a positive response. If you fail to make your requests with good and clear motives, then your positive energy will be negated and will not be reciprocated.

4.The Principle of Paradoxical Intent

This principle is one that dictates the way that situations evolve as a result of direct thought. If you act in desperation, for example, then a paradox will be created that will result in a negative return on your intended energy. Because you are desperate in your thoughts, a certain vibration will be sent out which will have a negative impact on the world around you. Because of this, people who might otherwise have been in position to help you will be pushed away.

5.The Principle of Harmony

This is the principle that concerns a person’s ability to gain the good things they want in life. If you make a choice to live in accord with the universe and do not put out negative vibes, then you will effectively set yourself up for a plethora of good feelings and positive results. This can only happen if a person makes the conscious decision to align themselves with people around them and the flow of the universe. This is the one of the universal laws that requires the kind of absolute attention to positive thinking that many people just aren’t willing or able to put out.

6.The Principle of Right Action

This is the principle that rewards people who do the right things in life. The Principle of Right Action also indicates that in order to experience things like value, honor, and dignity, a person must do their part to promote those qualities in their own surroundings. If you, on the other hand, do things to break down these important universal qualities, then you will see those things deteriorate and erode in your own life. Because of this, people need to constantly be thinking about their choices and considering the impact that they might have both on themselves and on others.

7.The Principle of Expanding Influence

Many people don’t understand the overriding power of their own personal energy. Energy is one of the things that is constantly expanding in the world. If you work hard enough to have a large personal positive vibration, then that good energy can be felt throughout the world. Things that you never imagined might actually happen if you concentrate hard enough on your own personal thoughts and emotions. If you make the conscious decision to live a quality life that promotes happiness for those around you, then the positive power of influence will eventually expand to impact all of those people and things that are around you.

Tips for Being Successful

Don’t pick and choose

When looking at the seven universal laws above, you might have the tendency to look at one and think that it is more important than any of the others. This is a fault that can impact your ability to be successful – each of the laws carries an importance of its own; and would be completely ineffective without the other laws. In order to maintain balance, which is vitally important in being successful, meditate of each of these laws. A complete lifestyle decision

The Law of Attraction has to apply to each aspect of your life if you are going to be successful with it. There is no way to apply it to one part of your life, while leaving it out for the sake of convenience in another part. Each time you wake up and make conscious decisions, you are sending out the vibrations that have an impact on everything in your environment. In order to truly find success, you have to be willing to make your entire life put out positive energy. It isn’t difficult to wake up in the morning and be happy, positive, and enthusiastic. It’s something you have to get used to doing and eventually it will become a habit. Success is habit-forming, so you have to keep it up

Human beings, by our nature, are creatures of habit. Once you begin experiencing success, there is a good chance that such success will snowball and lead to more success. Waking up in the morning in a good mood may not be easy at the start, but it’s something that you can train yourself to do. There are plenty of positive people in the world who put a great deal of conscious effort in maintaining their levels of energy and positivity. Even if it is difficult to make those decisions at the beginning, remember that it will become easier with time. If you form good habits, you will benefit in the long run. Affirmation is an important part of the process

In order to keep your eye on success, you need to have reason to believe that your desire will come true. One way to do that is to tell yourself that the success is coming. Affirmation is a positive thing that can bring about good energy and good results in your life. Even if you are feeling good about your goals, you still need to keep those positive thoughts in your head. The best ways to keep positive energy and emotions flowing is to speak them. Say positive things to yourself about your life and the direction that you are heading – and say them repeatedly! This can ultimately create a very powerful and positive feedback in your reality.

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